Collision 8

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Introducing Collision 8

We bring innovators together to ignite ideas, form alliances and shape the business world of tomorrow.

Where people and ideas intersect to create opportunities

We believe that in the right environment collisions happen naturally. 
Our space is designed to give our members the freedom to imagine, experiment and create. Panoramic views of Marina Bay Sands and the CBD remind us that we are here to shape the future.

Home to innovators at every stage

We provide inspiring workspaces for individuals and teams including private offices, dedicated desks, meeting rooms, lounge and event space.

Engineering serendipity through member curation, space design, personalised introductions and a dedicated community manager, we leverage our Singapore entrepreneur network to drive success for the Collision 8 community. We facilitate entrepreneurial projects and cross-industry collaboration through customised matchmaking, corporate innovation exchanges and interactive workshops.